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Rebel Alliance Logo

Rebel Alliance logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Rebel Alliance Logo PNG The symbol of the Rebel Alliance, the revolutionary faction in the Star Wars universe, is known as the Starbird.
  • It can be seen on helmets and uniforms of the rebels.
  • Meaning and history The Starbirdis yet another interpretation of a very ancient symbol, the Phoenix.
  • The person who chose the symbol was Princess Leia.
  • Roots of the symbol The symbol is a tribute to Galen Marek.
  • Also, many people suppose that the emblem was borrowed from the seal of the Old Republic used at the time of the Great Galactic War.
  • Interestingly enough, there has never appeared any official information concerning the connection between the two symbols.
  • Font The logotype does not include any text, so the name of the organization may be given in any typeface fitting the visual context.

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