Inspiration – American Athletic Conference Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

American Athletic Conference Logo
  • Download PNG American Athletic Conference Logo PNG The American Athletic Conference was established in 1979.
  • As of 2019, the conference has 12 member universities and six associate member universities.
  • The members of the AAC play in the NCAA Division I, while the football teams play in the FBS.
  • The majority of the AAC members are located in the Northeastern, Midwestern, and Southern regions of the US.
  • Meaning and history 2013 – 2016 The American Athletic Conference emblem designed in 2013 was composed of two parts — a stylized letter “A” in gradient blue and red, set above the two leveled inscription, with the “American” in enlarged blue gradient letters of a modern serif typeface, set between two thin red lines on a white background, and “Athletic Conference” in a simple serif font, in dark blue.
  • The main part of the logo, its emblem, featured an ExtraBold blue body of the “A” with the red asymmetrical five-pointed star in a white outline placed on its upper part.
  • The letters are outlined in blue and white and featured a light gray shadow.
  • 2017 – Today The current American Athletic Conference logo features a navy blue capital “A” in a heavy slab serif type.

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