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Thrasher Logo

Thrasher logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Thrasher Logo PNG The Thrasher magazine is sometimes referred to as skate culture Bible.
  • Meaning and history The first issue of the magazine was published in San Francisco in early 1981.
  • The font Banco that was used on the cover was associated with Caribbean lifestyle and reggae after it appeared on the cover of one of Bob Marley’s album.
  • These concepts were close to the magazine’s co-founders and to the spirit of the publication, which was probably the reason why the font had been chosen.
  • As a result, the “reggae” roots of the type were forgotten and it became the main font of the country’s skate culture.
  • Symbol The logo is based on the wordmark.
  • It features the word “Thrasher” in a bold, slightly slanted font.
  • Under the wordmark, there’s the word “Magazine” in capital letters of smaller size.
  • Apart from the “burning” emblem, which is often seen on the brand’s merch, there’s a calmer version without any signs of “fire,” which is typically used for the website and on the magazine cover.
  • It can be given in several colors, for instance, black, white, and red.
  • Font The name of the type is Banco.
  • It was created by graphic artist Roger Excoffon from France in 1951.
  • Colors The regular version of the Thrasher logo features a “fiery” combination of yellow, orange, black, and red.
  • As the wordmark is often placed on clothes, other versions are also possible (neon green and blue, for instance).

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