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Florida Am Rattlers Logo
  • Download PNG Florida A&M Rattlers Logo PNG Since 2000, the Florida A&M Rattlers logo has gone through one considerable modification.
  • It has remained consistent in its core visual metaphor, though.
  • Meaning and history 2000 – 2012 The Florida A&M Rattlers logo used in 2000-2012 depicted a stylized rattle snake.
  • You could see the full body of the creature.
  • There was the lettering “FAMU” arched above.
  • You could see only the snake’s head, and due to this, its scary expression became more visible.
  • Even the text disappeared leaving the sharp fangs in the spotlight.
  • Florida A&M Rattlers basketball The men’s team has played in the NCAA Division I Tournament three times.
  • They have competed in the NCAA Division II Tournament four times.
  • The Lady Rattlers have competed in the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament in 1995 and 1999.
  • Florida A&M Rattlers football The football program of the Florida A&M University has been rather successful.
  • In addition to the 29 Conference Championships they have won so far, they also boast 13 different college football national titles.
  • They have also been known for winning won the very first NCAA Division I-AA National Championship back in 1978.
  • Florida A&M Rattlers Colors FANG ORANGE PANTONE: 158 C HEX COLOR: #EE7624; RGB: (238, 118, 36) CMYK: (2, 66, 99, 0) VENOM GREEN PANTONE: 357 C HEX COLOR: #1B5633; RGB: (27, 86, 51) CMYK: (86, 40, 91, 38) BLACK PANTONE: 419 C HEX COLOR: #231F20; RGB: (14, 12, 13) CMYK: (0, 11, 9, 86)

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