Inspiration – Martin Garrix Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Martin Garrix Logo
  • Download PNG Martin Garrix Logo PNG Martin Garrix is a scene name of a famous Dutch DJ, Martjin Gerard Garritsen, who became popular in 2014 and today is one of the leading DJs in the world.
  • Meaning and history Being the youngest top DJ in the world, Martin Garrix has one of the strongest visual identities in the music industry.
  • This monochrome logo is a perfect example of strict and powerful design, which is timeless and stylish.
  • 2014 — 2017 The logo was composed of a white wordmark on a black background.
  • The custom typeface of the nameplate features handwritten style of the lettering with sharp distinct lines.
  • The elongated tails of “X” and “A” make the visual identity energetic and dynamic, while the diagonal placement adds style and elegance.
  • 2017 — Today In 2017 the logo was redesigned.
  • The monochrome color palette remains, but the style of the lettering is completely different now.
  • The nameplate is executed in all capital letters with straight and bold Alright Sans Black font.
  • It is built in two floors with a horizontal bar separating “Martin” on the top from “Garrix” on the bottom.
  • Letter “T” is replaced by the symmetric cross, while the letter “X” repeats the diagonally placed cross shape.
  • The Martin Garrix logo is instantly recognizable and became synonymous to the electronic music and club lifestyle.
  • It is a bold and stylish brand’s icon, which is composed of two crosses — one for “T”, and one for “X”, which are placed on a black rectangular.
  • The monochrome laconic emblem is a perfect representation of Martin Garrix character and music style.

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