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Falabella Logo

Falabella logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • It belongs to S.A.C.I.
  • Falabella.
  • During all of its long history, the Falabella logo has always preserved a refined and elegant calligraphic touch.
  • Although it was more prominent in the older versions, even the current one has it.
  • 1889 In the original logo, the word “Falabella” featured a clean yet elegant sans.
  • The decorative cursive handwriting made it look as if it had been written by a master of calligraphy.
  • This time, though, it featured cursive handwriting (different from the one from the previous wordmark).
  • The designer added tiny decorative elements in the middle of the letters.
  • 1967 The glyphs adopted a highly decorative historic touch.
  • It was especially obvious in the case of the “F,” which looked as if it had been copied from a medieval document.
  • Ever since, each letter has stood apart from its neighbors.
  • Also, this was the first version where the initial was lowercase.
  • 2007 The Falabella logo was colored a rare grassy green.
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