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Warnermedia Logo

WarnerMedia Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG WarnerMedia Logo PNG WarnerMedia is a large entertainment company, which was established in the United States in 1972 under the name Warner Communications.
  • Meaning and history The visual identity of the large entertainment conglomerate has changed a lot throughout the years, but it was mainly connected to the name changes of the company, as it merged with other brands several times throughout the years.
  • The badge featured a bold sans-serif inscription with both parts of the company’s name in the uppercase gray letters, with no additional space in between.
  • 1993 – 2001 In 1993 the logo of the conglomerate was redesigned by Anspach Grossman Portugal bureau, and now it hosted a simple yet extremely elegant serif inscription in the uppercase, placed between two black horizontal lines.
  • 2001 – 2003 After another merger, the name of the company was changed to AOL Time Warner and the logo was redesigned respectively.
  • The new badge featured a simple blue inscription in a serif typeface, with the “AOL” in the uppercase and only “T” and “W” capitalized in the “Time Warner” part of the wordmark.
  • 2003 – 2018 The name of the company became Time Warner again in 2003, and the new logo kept the blue and white color palette of the previous badge, though made the blue darker and more intense.
  • As for the inscription itself, it got its lines strengthened and contours slightly enlarged, though was still executed in an elegant and traditional serif typeface.
  • 2018 – 2019 In 2018 Time Warner is being renamed WarnerMedia and the visual identity is being redesigned again.
  • The new badge features a bold and brutal sans-serif inscription in the uppercase, where the “Warner” part is set in black, and “Media” — in gray.
  • 2019 – Today The redesign of 2019 kept the typeface from the previous version, but completely changed the style of the WarnerMedia logo.
  • Now both parts of the inscription are written in black color, but the “Warner” part uses a bolder type, while the “Media” is executed in thinner lines.
  • Another important change in the logo is that now both wordmarks have only their first letters capitalized.
  • This way the logo looks more elegant and friendly but doesn’t lose its confidence and power.

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