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Pittsburgh Steelers logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Pittsburgh Steelers Logo PNG To numerous fans, this almost ninety-year-old sports brand is still a symbol of the highly professional American football.
  • 1945 — 1961 The very first logo for Pittsburg Steelers was introduced in 1945 featured a smooth oval badge, which repeated a shape of a horizontally placed football.
  • 1962 — 1968 The redesign of 1962 brought a bright and funny image to the Pittsburg Steelers’ visual identity.
  • The emblem was executed in yellow and black and looked bright and confident.
  • The stars were colored in yellow, red, and blue, while the “Steelers” inscription in the title case was written in black.
  • The logo sported players’ numbers.
  • They were expelled from the logo for good around 1962, but the logo, though slightly corrected, is still in use.
  • It should be noted that the logo had been integral to the Steelers’ uniform design since the 1940s.
  • However, it was the group of designers who had done the thinking, and they had cooperated with the American Iron and Steel Institute (also referred to as the Steel and Alloys Institute).
  • This logo was used to promote new steel brands and products made of it.
  • Partially, the subject matter is similar to the ideological concept of the Steel Institute’s symbol.
  • Sport was to be a bastion of peace in the life of a working man and an opportunity to see the world.
  • After a while, the golden color was replaced with black, but the logo was still on the right only.
  • Emblem Needless to say, the club’s uniform has featured the Steelers emblem since its foundation.
  • Gold and black were the team’s signature colors.
  • The very first uniform was a black jersey and golden helmet.
  • Later, vertical strips were added, which made the players more visible in the field.
  • There was more work for the designers to do.
  • They decided not to replace the vertical strips with horizontal ones.
  • The team also has a ‘folklore’ name – “The Black and Gold” – after the team’s signature colors.

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