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United Nations Logo

United Nations logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Meaning and history 1945 – 1946 The history of the emblem started during the UN Conference on International Organization in 1945.
  • 1946 – Today Both the original logo and the current one feature a map of the world as seen from the North Pole.
  • In the first version, the projection of the map extends to the 40th parallel south, while the current projection extends to 60th parallel south and includes 5 concentric circles.
  • The revised emblem was approved by the Assembly in 1946.
  • The meaning of the design seems to be perfectly clear.
  • Symbols of other UN Family members There are several organizations working under the UN umbrella.
  • For instance, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) logo features the familiar globe and laurel wreath, as well as the iconic combination of light blue and white, while the United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights only takes the olive branches.
  • The New Jerusalem, where the Antichrist will supposedly rule, is situated “on the sides of the north.” Conspiracy theorists also find other signs that the emblem actually symbolizes the Northern Army conquering the world before the Antichrist comes to rule it.
  • They don’t actually explain whether it makes any difference which army in particular will conquer the world.
  • The size of the emblem is a half of the width of the flag.
  • Font While neither the UN logo nor the flag feature any text, the organization’s official web resource has the words “United Nations” written in a simple, perfectly legible sans serif type.
  • Colors The official palette of the organization includes only two colors: white and light blue (PMS 279).
  • Although the UN claim the colors don’t actually have any symbolic meaning, it is obvious that the combination is most often perceived as the colors of the clear sky (and the clouds), which is often considered a symbol of peace.
  • While the flag features white and light blue, the emblem itself is typically given in gold against the white background.

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