Inspiration – The Citadel Bulldogs Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

The Citadel Bulldogs Logo
  • Download PNG The Citadel Bulldogs Logo PNG The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, has a more or less successful athletic program including 16 teams.
  • While most of them play in the NCAA Division I, the football team belongs to the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision.
  • Meaning and history The current Citadel Bulldogs logo features a large “C” in light blue over the dark blue map of the state of South Carolina.
  • The letter and the map have white trim.
  • The previous emblem was introduced in 2000.
  • It is by far more detailed (or cluttered – depending on you personal design preferences).
  • In addition to the program’s name, there is the bulldog’s head.
  • The Citadel Bulldogs Colors CITADEL BLUE PANTONE: PMS 660 C HEX COLOR: #3975B7; RGB: (57 117 183) CMYK: (88 50 0 0) NAVY PANTONE: PMS 295 HEX COLOR: #1F3A60; RGB: (31,58,96) CMYK: (100 69 8 54) DRESS WHITE HEX COLOR: #FFF; RGB: (255 255 255) CMYK: (0 0 0 0)

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