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U S Army Logo

U.S. Army logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG U.S. Army Logo There are two emblems that can be considered the U.S. Army logo: the one with a five-pointed star and the official Seal of the Department of the Army featuring a Roman cuirass.
  • Meaning and history The story of the traditional U.S. Army emblem dates back to the times of the American Revolution (1775-1783).
  • It appeared in the form of a “seal” to be used on official documents.
  • Although it is hardly possible to find out when the seal was actually used for the first time, most historians believe that it happened somewhere in 1778, so it is considered the year when the US Army logo was born.
  • The 1947 symbol The emblem is a remarkable example of resistance to change.
  • It stayed the same for as much as 169 years, surviving the Indian Wars, the Mexico Incursions, and the two World Wars.
  • In 1947, the words “Department of the Army” appeared instead of “War Office”, while the date was changed to 1775.
  • Star emblem The U.S. Army logo featuring a star was designed by advertising agency Leo Burnett Worldwide and unveiled in 2001.
  • Interestingly enough, it is now more popular as the Army emblem than the official seal.
  • Font The Seal of the Department of the Army sports a traditional serif all-cap typeface.
  • The wordmark accompanying the star emblem features a bold, solid serif type.
  • Color Black and gold, the official colors of the US Army, appear in both the emblems.
  • In the star emblem they are accompanied by white, while the seal also incorporates the colors of the US flag, as well as a light shade of blue.

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