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Dijon Logo

Dijon logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Dijon Logo PNG Dijon, also known as Dijon Football Cote d’Or, is a relatively young French football club, which was established in 1998.
  • Based in Dijon, the club was created through a merger of two regional teams.
  • Meaning and history Though the club was established at the end of the 1990s it has already had three official logo designs by today.
  • An owl is the symbol of Dijon and the most famous detail of the local Notre-Dame.
  • Though the image looked more funny than serious.
  • 2006 — 2014 The redesign of 2006 brought a completely new style to the club’s visual identity.
  • The badge was now super modern and strong — a sleek smooth red crest in gradient shades featured a double white and red outline and a stylized image of a flying owl with its wings spread up and to the sides.
  • The custom bold lettering in white was placed on the upper part of the badge, with “DFCO” enlarged and “Dijon Football Cote D’Or” placed under it in small capitals.
  • The “1998”, a year of the club’s establishment, was placed between the owl and the wordmark, contoured in white and balancing the bird’s image.
  • 2014 — Today In 2014 the logo was redesigned again.
  • Though now it is fully based on the previous version, it still looks different.
  • The same red shield in a white outline, but the gradient shade is gone, so the whole image became flat and more modern.
  • As for the wordmark, it was also simplified — the long tagline is now gone, so the only symbols were can see on the club’s shield are “DFCO” in a custom and sharp sans-serif, and bold “1998” in a double white and red outline.
  • It is a great representation of the team, which is instantly recognizable and looks good on any color of the uniform.

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