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Placebo Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Download PNG Placebo Logo PNG Placebo is a British London based rock band playing Indie rock and its American version, Alternative rock.
  • The two musicians who founded the group in 1994 were Stefan Olsdal and Brian Molko.
  • And they continue to remain the backbone of the band, while other musicians often change.
  • Initially, the band had the name “Ashtray Heart” until they released their debut album “Placebo” in 1996.
  • During their twenty-year history, the band has released 7 studio-recorded albums and 33 single records.
  • The logo meaning and history The Placebo logotype is concise and straightforward with no hidden meaning under it.
  • The logo consists of the band’s name, “PLACEBO” written in block letters.
  • The wordmark has a strict upright font very close to the commercial Zurich Std Bold Condensed.
  • The official version is made in easily recognizable punch rose colour tone, although there also variants of the wordmark both in white and black colours.
  • The logo stays unchanged from 1996.
  • It appeared with the first self-titled album and to a great extent is associated with the message carried by its songs.
  • Brian created the image of an androgynous sex symbol, demonstrating a certain kind of freedom and tolerance.
  • The tender colour tone of the official logo version is related to the romantic and soft tones of the band’s music.
  • In an interview in 2015 Molko mentioned, that after 20 years, the band still does not consider itself belonging to any particular musical style, preserving a kind of freedom of choice and particular vision, which the musicians are eager to promote.

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