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Paramore Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Download PNG Paramore Logo PNG Paramore is a music band from the USA which was created in 2004 and performs a rock style.
  • The band’s vocalist, Hayley Williams, was 15 when the group was formed.
  • Paramore earned the Grammy award for the best rock song in 2015, as well as numerous MTV Awards.
  • Meaning and history The band’s name, Paramore, was derived from the “paramour”, which means “a secret lover”.
  • There is also a legend, that Paramore was the maiden name of the band’s bassist mother.
  • During its history, the band changed its logo a few times, the only thing that remained untouched was the logo’s color scheme — the monochrome.
  • This color palette makes the logo look stylish and modern on any background and cover.
  • 2004 — 2010 The first Paramore logo was designed with the group creation in 2004.
  • It was composed of a simple black wordmark on a white background.
  • The wings add light and peaceful feeling to the Paramore visual identity, they show the band’s soft sides and elegance.
  • It is a very good representation of the Paramore main value — its listeners.
  • 2013 — Today The current Paramore logo is based on the previous version, with a wordmark below it.
  • The wordmark features a handwritten style letters with thin and confident lines.
  • It is executed in all-caps and has a modern and stylish feel.

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