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Iowa State Cyclones Logo

Iowa State Cyclones logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • The very first logo for the Iowa State Cyclones was created at the end of the 19th century, in 1894, and featured a bright vivid yellow and white color palette.
  • That was a simple yet elegant IAC monogram with the smooth capital letters overlapping each other.
  • 1894 – 1896 In the same year, another logo version was introduced.
  • This time it was an angular and strong inscription in the same yellow and white color palette, but with a completely different mood.
  • The capital sans-serif letters of the inscription were set in horizontal space, slightly jumping above the line and separated by two solid yellow dots.
  • The negative space of the letter “A” was also drawn as a dot, but in white, and this is what made the Iowa State Cyclones badge unique and recognizable.
  • A medium-weight Sans-serif uppercase letter “A” in intense yellow color was the only element of the new badge.
  • 1910 The yellow and white color palette came back to the Iowa State Cyclones’ visual identity already in 1910.
  • This time the logo featured an arched uppercase “AMES” lettering in a square serif typeface, very typical for college athletic teams of that time.
  • The yellow “ISC” monogram was now executed in two fonts — with the “I” in gothic serif, with sharp elements in the middle line of the vertical bar, and “S” and “C” in plain medium-weight sans-serif with regular shapes and contours.
  • 1965 The 1965 emblem featured a large red cardinal bird with a flag in its beak.
  • 1984 In 1984, a logo featuring a red cyclone wave was introduced.
  • 1995 After another experiment with a cardinal and a cyclone wave in 1995, the Iowa State Cyclones logo became a typographic one.
  • 2007 The logo, designed for the Iowa State Cyclones in 2007, looked strong and modern.
  • The voluminous geometric “I” in two shades of burgundy and a thick yellow outline, had its contours straight and strong and was overlapped by a massive arched “State” wordmark in all capitals of the same serif font, but with the yellow letters in a burgundy outline featuring a smaller size and thinner lines.
  • The style guide recommends using the following values: Cardinal (alternate): PMS: 187, Hex: A71930 Gold Highlight: PMS: 121, Hex: FADA63 Iowa State Cyclones basketball Both the women’s and men’s basketball teams play in the Big 12 Conference of NCAA Division I athletics.
  • Before the 2017-18 season, the men’s team had a 1339–1293 all-time record and competed in the NCAA Tournament 19 times.
  • Iowa State Cyclones football The team fielded in 1892 uses Jack Trice Stadium as its home arena.
  • Iowa State Cyclones soccer The women’s team is coached by Tony Minatta.
  • While the team does not have a conference title, it has made it to the conference championship nine times.

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