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Hennessy Logo

Hennessy logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Hennessy Logo PNG As a brand with a long history, Hennessy boasts a very old and meaningful logo.
  • Although the design has its roots in the family coat of arms of the founder, it wouldn’t look so modern if it wasn’t tweaked by professional and highly skilled designers.
  • Meaning and history The main Hennessy logo, which can be seen on every bottle, is called “Bras Armé” in French, which is loosely translated in English as “the Arm & Axe.” It was borrowed from the family crest of Richard Hennessy (1724-1800), the company founder.
  • The military theme seemed quite natural for him, as he spent a lot of time in the war.
  • Symbol The original coat-of-arms included a rather realistic depiction of a pig.
  • Although the animal was lean enough to satisfy even modern taste, the brand owners decided to get rid of it.
  • Brand mark emblem One of the designs used on the cognac package, is the letter “H” in a rhombus.
  • The brand mark itself, as well as the pattern used on it, was developed by the creative studio NR2154.
  • The firm established by Jacob Wildschiodtz and Troels Faber has offices in New York and Copenhagen.
  • Font The typeface deserves special attention.
  • It was created specifically for the company by the NR2154 studio, which also developed the “H” brand mark.
  • The typeface is called NR2653 Hennessy.
  • Actually, the project included several different fonts.
  • The choice depends on the overall design of the bottle and package.

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