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Disney Plus Logo

Disney Plus Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • The service was launched in 2019 in the United States and today has almost 90 million users not only in North America but also in Europe and Asia Pacific region.
  • Meaning and history Like all of the Disney subdivisions and services, Disney Plus (stylized as Disney +), uses its corporate logo as the basis of its visual identity concept, bringing just slight modifications and a unique color palette, to differ and stand out from the list of other products.
  • The Disney Plus visual identity is minimalist and strict, and its dark blue color palette adds a sense of luxury and chic to the whole image, elevating the look of the simple-built emblem and its three elements.
  • The main accent in the Disney Plus logo is on the iconic Disney lettering in the corporate style of the company.
  • The lettering is covered with a thin arched line, drawn in a gradient blue color palette, which is light-turquoise on the left and turns dark blue on the right, repeating the color of the inscription.
  • The arch starts with a little space above the middle point of the “D” and finishes above the bold blue “+” sign, which is drawn in the same dark shade as the main lettering and has its vertical bar arched to the right, being a continuation of the smooth gradient blue “roof” of the logo.
  • In some of the versions, this arch starts with a white tail on the left and becomes bolder and more intense to its right.
  • Icon The Disney Plus Icon almost fully repeats the icon of the main brand, Disney, but has a “+” sign after the lettering.
  • The wordmark in the iconic corporate typeface can be written in white on a gradient blue and purple background or can be executed in monochrome.
  • In the colorful version of the icon, this line is drawn in light blue, with some gradient shades, adding motion and vitality to the whole image.
  • Font and color The iconic Disney logotype, which is the main element of the product’s visual identity, is written in the custom typeface, which was designed for the company in 1972, being a refined version of the logo from the 1930s.
  • The typeface from the Disney logo is called Waltograph, a bold and smooth script typeface, based on such commercial fonts as Tag Two and Subway.
  • The blue color palette of the Disney Plus visual identity is a graphical representation of creativity, imagination, and mystery.
  • The calm and dark shade of the main elements also stands for reliability and confidence, while the bright gradient accent adds fun, playfulness, and energy to the image, making the whole logo look attractive and interesting.

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