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Bang Logo

Bang! logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

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  • Logo PNG While the logo of the popular porn movie studio Bang!
  • seems efficient and memorable in itself, its uncanny similarity to the Samsung insignia somewhat spoils the overall impression.
  • Meaning and history The Bang!
  • logo features the word “Bang” in bold white letters followed by a red exclamation mark.
  • The glyphs are based on a rectangular shape and have a solid and heavy structure.
  • Emblem versions In addition to the regular logo, you may also come across a two-line version with the word “Originals” scripted in a thinner type below the main word.
  • Font The bold sans serif type featured on the Bang!
  • logo appears to be a customized version of one of the following fonts: Criovision Bold Grammara Normal MicroSquare Bold Extended (with the distance between the letters shortened) All the three types look very similar to one another (at least regarding the four letters in question) except for a couple of minor details.
  • However, the logo isn’t just a copy of the glyphs featured in the typefaces mentioned above.
  • The distinctive capital “A” lacking the horizontal bar makes the insignia more or less customized.
  • Colors While the color scheme is quite generic, it’s also very eye-catching and provides great legibility and contrast.
  • The palette seems to follow the classic 60-30-10% rule.
  • The most largest part of the logo, its background (which takes around 60%), is black, the lettering is white (about 30%), while the exclamation mark features bright red as an accent color (10%).

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