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49ers Logo

San Francisco 49ers logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG San Francisco 49ers Logo PNG The San Francisco 49ers is a world famous American football team that has been existing for more than 60 years now.
  • This team has won a number of championships and quickly became one of the top teams in America and 49ers Logo appeared to be the best sports logo in history.
  • Meaning and history Both versions of the 49ers’ visual identity, created throughout the football club’s history, can be called iconic.
  • 1946 — 1967 The initial logo for San Francisco 49ers was designed in 1946 and featured a red, black and white image of a man with a bottle in one hand and a gun in another.
  • The man was shooting under his feet and numbing, with his hat falling off his head.
  • 1968 — 1988 In 1968 the club adopt a completely different design concept for its visual identity, leaving the colorful image of a man behind.
  • The new emblem featured a horizontally oriented oval frame, resembling a football shape, with a solid red background and an elegant white “SF” monogram.
  • The badge, outlined in black, looked laconic yet delightful and strong.
  • 2009 — Today The gold part of the outline was thickened in 2009, and this made the red part of the badge a bit smaller, though the “SF” monogram in white and black began looking larger and more confident.
  • The contours of the letters and the shape of the badge itself remained untouched as well as the color palette of the iconic emblem.
  • The letters “SF” for San Francisco are situated inside a red oval with black outline and a gold line on the inside of the logo.
  • This logo has quickly became iconic and world famous.
  • It reflects 49ers passion for winning, their endless energy and optimism for life and sport.
  • San Francisco 49ers 49ERS RED HEX COLOR: #AA0000; RGB: (170, 0, 0) CMYK: (7, 100, 82, 26) PANTONE: PMS 187 C GOLD HEX COLOR: #B3995D; RGB: (173, 153, 93) CMYK: (0, 25, 56, 51) PANTONE: PMS 872 C Video

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