Inspiration – Yves Rocher Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Yves Rocher Logo
  • Today the brand distributes its products in almost 90 countries across the globe through its branded boutiques, which can be found in all large and fancy shopping malls.
  • Meaning and history The visual identity of the cosmetics brand from France is very simple and delicate, yet it has a strong personality, which makes it memorable and recognizable.
  • The main theme of the Yves Rocher logo is the connection to nature and earth, and it can be seen in both brand’s color palette and its emblem.
  • The logo of the company is composed of strict and clean uppercase lettering and a circular emblem, which can be placed on the left from the inscription, or above it.
  • The wordmark in the logo is executed in a simple straight sans-serif typeface with the thick yet neat lines of the letters, which look confident and serious.
  • The delicate smooth emblem balances the straight lines of the logotype, adding tenderness and elegance to the whole image.
  • Symbol The Yves Rocher emblem is composed of a stylized “YR” monogram enclosed in a double circular frame.
  • The monogram is drawn in thick white lines and resembles a leaf on a branch, showing the brand’s focus on natural ingredients and ecology.
  • The double circular outline of the emblem adds a sense of wholeness, unity, and eternity, and represents the brand’s philosophy.
  • The garden has been maintained by the company for decades and is one of the most popular destinations in the area.
  • Font and color The capitalized Yves Rocher logotype features traditional shapes and straight lines of the letters, looking very close to such commercial fonts as Sweet Sans Bold Small Caps and Engravers Gothic Bold.
  • The inscription looks professional and solid, showing the brand’s confidence and expertise.
  • The Yves Rocher color palette is based on three shades — light green, brown, and white.
  • All three colors are used in their calm earthy shades, which gives a logo a very natural and eco-friendly look, points to the plant-based ingredients and shows the brand as the growing and successful one.

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