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Wrigley Logo

Wrigley logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Wrigley Logo PNG Wrigley is the name of an American chewing gum manufacturing company, which was established in 1891 by William Wrigley.
  • Today the company is one of the world’s leaders in its segment and is owned and managed by Mars.
  • Meaning and history Wrigley’s visual identity is simple and friendly.
  • Composed of a wordmark with a tagline it looks bright due to its color and welcoming due to its typeface.
  • The Wrigley wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a bold rounded sans-serif font, which is perfectly balanced and looks nice and confident.
  • The only interesting detail of the inscription and the whole logo — is an arrow-styled tail of the letter “G”.
  • The arrow, pointing upright, is a symbol of energy and progress, it shows the brand as the one that is constantly moving and values innovation and experiments.
  • The delicate tagline “A Subsidiary of Mars Incorporated” is written in a thin and light sans-serif typeface.

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