Inspiration – Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Logo
  • Download PNG Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Logo PNG The men’s athletic teams competing at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, are known as the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, while the women’s teams play under the name of Lady Toppers.
  • Meaning and history The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers logo showcases a large piece of red cloth, which represents a flag.
  • On the red background, the lettering “WKU” (the university’s initials) can be seen.
  • Also, there is a hand holding the flag.
  • While the shades and the different size of the glyphs add some depth, you can feel that the abbreviation does not seamlessly merge into the design – the letters seem to pop out.
  • Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Colors RED PANTONE: PMS 186 HTML/HEX COLOR: #C60C30; RGB(198,12,48) CMYK: (0,100,75,4) BLACK PANTONE: PMS BLACK HTML/HEX COLOR: #1E1E1E; RGB(0,0,0) CMYK: (0,0,0,100) GRAY PANTONE: PMS 422 HTML/HEX COLOR: #A2A4A3; RGB(162,164,163) CMYK: (16,11,11,29)

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