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Veka Logo

Veka logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Today the brand’s range includes also door profiles, which are sold across the globe through numerous international operating offices of the company.
  • Meaning and history Being a strong and quality-centered company, Veka features a visual identity, which fully reflects its professionalism and confidence, showing a rich experience and authority of the brand.
  • The logo is composed of a blue geometric emblem with a white rectangle of a wordmark in the middle.
  • The blue and white color combination of the label’s visual identity is one of the most common choices for the building industry, as it represents quality, responsibility, and safety.
  • The rhombus, or diamond, the shape of the company’s logo consists of two equal overlapping layers and symbolize protection and unification.
  • It also accents the geometry of the insignia, adding professional and technically oriented properties.
  • It boasts straight thick lines and sharp and distinct cuts and angles of the letterforms.
  • Drawn in blue and placed into a white horizontal rectangle, the company’s nameplate looks bright and bold, and its solid letters, located close to each other, create a sense of a whole and complete image.
  • Review Veka is a famous and reputable manufacturer of synthetic profiles for windows and doors.
  • The Company is a market leader not only in Europe but also in Asia and North America.
  • The Company offers a window, residential door, sliding door, roller shutter, and sheet systems.
  • It also manufactures plastic plates, sheets, tubes, and profiles.
  • A part of the Plastic & Rubber Product Manufacturing Industry, the family-owned coming was established in 1967 and keeps using innovative methods in its production process.
  • The brand values traditional approach and heritage yet pays huge attention to research and new technologies, which made the brand number one in its segment.

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