Inspiration – Utah Valley Wolverines Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Utah Valley Wolverines Logo
  • Download PNG Utah Valley Wolverines Logo PNG The “Wolverines” nickname has been the main source of inspiration for the athletic logo of Utah Valley University located in Orem, Utah.
  • Since at least 1999, the emblem has always featured the wolverine (glutton).
  • It was a dark and intense badge with a black banner and yellow lettering placed above the yellow and green wolverine image.
  • The animal was depicted in profile facing to the right and looked aggressive and powerful with its white teeth naked.
  • As for the lettering, it was split into two parts — the main, “Wolverines”, was set on a black background and executed in a bold and straight sans-serif typeface with all letters in the uppercase, but the first and the last one enlarged; and the “Utah Valley State” in small dark letters placed on a white background above the graphical part.
  • 2008 – 2011 The logo was redesigned in 2009, becoming lighter and more airy.
  • The black banner was gone and now the inscription in yellow and green was placed on a white background above the enlarged wolverine image.
  • The wordmark was completely redrawn and the new typeface was narrower and thinner than the one from the previous emblem.
  • As for the graphical part, it was also refined and modernized, keeping the color palette and the mood of the iconic mascot.
  • The lettering “UVU” (the initials of Utah Valley University) is placed below.
  • What are Utah Valley Wolverines?
  • Utah Valley Wolverines is the name of the college athletic program from the Utah Valley University.
  • The program joined the NCAA Division I in 2003, and since then showed itself as a very strong competitor with its 16 teams in various kinds of sports.
  • The UV Wolverines is best known for its men’s basketball team.

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