Inspiration – Utah State Aggies Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Utah State Aggies Logo
  • Download PNG Utah State Aggies Logo PNG The athletic teams that represent Utah State University in Logan, Utah, have a wordmark logo in white and blue.
  • Meaning and history 1996 – 2000 The emblem for the athletic teams, created in 1996, featured a funny yet powerful combination of a caricature bull image and a two-leveled stylized inscription placed over the drawing.
  • The color palette was based on gray and blue, with the Bull in silver-gray and a thin blue outline, and the wordmark in white and gray, with some thin dark yellow accents.
  • 2001 – 2011 The redesign of 2001 introduced a new logo, with no drawings.
  • It was all text-based, with the white “State” in the lowercase written vertically along the right bar of the enlarged stylized letter “U” in solid blue with a double blue and white outline.
  • The lines of the letters were all smooth and rounded, though due to the thickness and massiveness, the emblem still looked strong and confident.
  • 2012 – Today The large “U” is the centerpiece of the current Utah State Aggies logo, which was unveiled in 2012.
  • The curves of the glyph are closer to the square shape than those of a regular “U” and there are no serifs.
  • The word “State” goes across the letter.
  • What are Utah State Aggies?
  • Utah State Aggies are the name of the college athletic program from Utah State University, which was established in 1892.
  • The program consists of 16 men’s and women’s teams in various kinds of sports and is best known for its men’s basketball club.
  • Utah State Aggies Colors AGGIE BLUE PANTONE: PMS 539 C HEX COLOR: #00263A; RGB: (0, 38, 58) CMYK: (100, 65, 22, 80) SILVER PANTONE: PMS 877 C HEX COLOR: #8A8D8F; RGB: (138, 141, 143) CMYK: (45, 34, 34, 0) BLACK PANTONE: PMS BLACK 6 C HEX COLOR: #000000; RGB: (44, 42, 41) CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 100) WHITE HEX COLOR: #FFFFFF; RGB: (255, 255, 255) CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)

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