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University Of Wisconsin Logo

University of Wisconsin logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • It is located in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Also, there are the seal and a set of athletic logos.
  • Institutional logo The primary Wisconsin logo comprises the “W” crest, the “Wisconsin” wordmark, and the full name of the institution.
  • The word “Wisconsin” features a type with subtle serifs and unique elements.
  • Both are perfectly legible.
  • While this structure has been used since the late 1980s, you can trace the origins even farther, to 1929.
  • The emblem was inspired by one of the distinctive architectural elements on the Wisconsin Field House.
  • The seal symbolizes “the long-standing relationship between the state of Wisconsin and its public universities,” according to the UW.
  • The centerpiece of the seal is an open eye.
  • Athletic logos Over its long history, the Wisconsin Badgers have gone through 15-20 different designs.
  • In addition to the Motion W, the UW athletics also uses materials showcasing the official mascot, Buckingham U. Badger (better known as Bucky Badger).
  • Also, the main University of Wisconsin–Madison logo, as well as secondary departmental logos, uses the sans serif Lato type.
  • You can also see brown and black in the Wisconsin logo.
  • In addition to the full-color version, there are also black, red, and white outline variations.

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