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University Of Arizona Logo

University of Arizona logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG University of Arizona Logo PNG Since 1904, the core of the University of Arizona logo has always been the block “A”.
  • This is a perfect example of how the school cherishes its traditions.
  • Meaning and history The history of the “Block A” logo started in 1904.
  • It was then that the UA Student Body Constitution registered the “Block A” as the University’s official emblem.
  • Symbol in 1970 – 1988 The next notable reference to the logo occurred in 1970.
  • The school’s president John P. Schaefer sent an official document to each person working at an administrative position.
  • In the document, Schaefer stated that the official logo should be “a single letter, free-standing “Block A.” The University of Arizona received its first complete set of symbols and seals in 1982.
  • As the result of it, it now includes two letters “A”, one inside the other.
  • It is supposed to symbolize excellence in the two fields, academics and athletics.
  • However, when the letters are big enough, their sleek and elegant lines are clearly seen.
  • The serif all-cap type is clear and perfectly legible.
  • These have been the University’s official colors for more than a century.
  • These guidelines do not mention white, which also plays an important part in the logotype.
  • In case the primary palette does not work in a certain visual context, it is acceptable to use the extended palette created by Leatrice Eiseman and Associates.

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