Inspiration – Universidad Del Valle De Mexico Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Universidad Del Valle De Mexico Logo

Universidad Del Valle de México logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Meaning and history The university was created by a group of academics and businessmen.
  • It started its first year with a little more than 20 teachers and 200 students.
  • Originally, it offered only education in Accounting and Business Administration.
  • 1976 was an important point in the school’s history.
  • It was then that UVM started its expansion around the country.
  • Today, UVM occupies the fourth line in the list of the country’s top public and private universities.
  • Due to support from Laureate, students from UVM can take part in international academic exchanges.
  • The old logo comprised three stripes: a broad red stripe with a bird emblem and the lettering “Universidad del Valle de México” on the top, a thinner black stripe with the text “Laureate International Universities” in the middle, and a white stripe with the names of several countries.
  • 2013 – Today The sleek look of the current UVM logo puts it in one row with the logotypes of well-known companies.
  • The designer has definitely managed to grasp the innovative, contemporary, and youthful spirit of the school.
  • Symbol The school’s symbol can be clearly seen on the older version of the Universidad Del Valle de México logo.
  • The bird with two heads has strong beaks and wings.
  • The bird serves as a background to a roundel emblem, which, in its turn, depicts two lions and a building with classic arcs and a tower.
  • What makes them stand out is the way the ends of the glyphs are drawn, combining sharp angles and soft curves.

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