Inspiration – United Soccer League Usl Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

United Soccer League Usl Logo

United Soccer League (USL) logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG United Soccer League Logo PNG Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, the United Soccer League started its history in 2011 under the name of the USL Pro.
  • In the hierarchy of the US and Canada system of soccer leagues, it is positioned under Major League Soccer (Division I).
  • Meaning and history 2011 — 2015 In 2011–2014, the USL logo looked different.
  • It included the old name of the league, where “USL” was given in green and “PRO” – in dark blue.
  • The “O” was formed by a flying soccer ball, and there was an orange wave on the background.
  • 2015 — 2019 The United Soccer League logo showcases the abbreviation “USL” in a solid sans serif type.
  • What makes it unique is the way it is broken into two parts by a horizontal white bar (or gap).
  • 2019 — Today

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