Inspiration – The Most Famous Coffee Logos Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

The Most Famous Coffee Logos

The most famous coffee logos. TOP-5

  • Pele, Nespresso, Tchibo, Jardin, Jacobs, Davidoff, Keurig, Kenco, Millstone, Tassimo, Senseo, Julius Meinl, Illy, ItalCaffe, Carraro and many others.
  • But in our top 5 best coffee logos we focused on the popularity of the brand and the attractiveness of its graphic mark – logo.
  • One element – the smoke above the letter “V” – turned the inscription into a cup of hot coffee.
  • Originally created as a premium brand, today Lavazza also offers products mid-range pricing.
  • Nowadays the siren at the Starbucks logo, enclosed into the “lifeline” with the name of the brand, without any doubt is included in the five world leaders of the production of this invigorating drink.
  • At the start, the brand was focused on the proposal of the finished beverage in the coffee chains, but today you can to buy coffee of this brand in supermarkets.
  • Folgers Brand coffee Folgers – one of the most successful at the American market.
  • Indeed, the brand positions itself as the best variant to meet the morning.
  • Focusing on the mountains, the creators of the logo placed a font name at their base.
  • Thus, you can easily read the message – even the hardest morning will be more joyful with this brand of coffee.
  • Maxwell House One of the top three coffee brands, Maxwell house logo is designed in two colors.
  • Nescafé Nestlé coffee brand is a leader in all world coffee ratings without exception.
  • And this is the highest result among the brands of coffee producers in the world and the only one in the top 10 most purchased products.
  • Some brands are more popular among fans of ground or instant coffee, someone prefer coffee beans, someone – encapsulated.

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