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The Monopoly Logo History Evolution

The Monopoly Logo | History & Evolution

  • It was first released in 1935 by creators Lizzie Magie and Charles Darrow and is an adaption of “The Landlord’s Game”, which was created by Magie in 1903.
  • The game requires players to move around the board, buying property and charging their opponents rent whenever they land on something they own.
  • International Success The game was an instant hit, with Monopoly being released in more than 103 countries and 37 different languages.
  • It was licensed to John Waddington Ltd in the UK, with the British version featuring many famous landmarks in London, including Mayfair and Trafalgar Square.
  • In 1991, Hasbro acquired Parker Bros. the company that owned the rights to the game.
  • It quickly began creating new versions of the game for release.
  • Nowadays, the Monopoly brand can be seen in many different places.
  • However, the Monopoly logo has not changed much at all, with only minor tweaks over the years.
  • Original Monopoly Logo – 1935 to 1985 For the first 50 years of its history, the Monopoly logo was simply a red rectangle with black text.
  • Three New Versions – 1985 to 2008 In 1985, the 50 year old logo was replaced with three versions.
  • The main logo was now a red rectangle with rounded edges, white text, and the Monopoly Man, with his top and cane.
  • A wordmark only version was also created, using the same rounded rectangle, white border and white text.
  • In this version, the Monopoly man is in full color as opposed to black and white in the original version.
  • In all three versions, the same Kabel typeface is used, creating consistency between them all.
  • Between 2008 and 2013 the main logo moved the 3D Monopoly Man from inside the center O to above the rectangle.
  • A 3D shadow effect was also added to the text.
  • A wordmark version without the Monopoly Man, and a flat wordmark version that used a white border but also with squared edges were also created.
  • Removed Background – 2013 to 2017 In 2013, a minor revision removed some green skyscrapers from behind the Monopoly Man in the main version of the logo.
  • Current Logo – 2017 to Present The Monopoly man was removed completely in 2017.The black border was narrowed, and a glass 3D effect added to the logo.
  • The white text continues to have a 3D shadow effect, and remains in the original Kabel Heavy typeface.

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