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Texans Logo

Texans logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • This happened because the local NFL team, the Houston Oilers, moved to another city.
  • Having failed to do this, he decided to focus on football and created Houston NFL Holdings in collaboration with Steve Patterson.
  • Just a month later, the Houston NFL Holdings introduced a “transition” logotype created by NFL Properties.
  • It was used until the brand identity for the club was developed.
  • The final logo was selected by August when it underwent TV and photo testing.
  • The Houston Texans logo, as well as the team’s name and official colors, were introduced during a rally on Texas Avenue.
  • The first 10 players were signed to contracts by the beginning of 2002.
  • Symbol The logotype depicts the head of a bull split into two parts.
  • The flag of Texas also comprises blue and red, but the shades of the colors are different.
  • The star used instead of the eye has a symbolic meaning.
  • Right below the “H,” there is a stylized depiction of the map of Texas.
  • The white star that can be seen on the map is exactly the same as on the primary Houston Texans logo and has the same symbolic meaning.
  • Font You’ve definitely noticed the most unusual element of the typeface, the sharp edges that are especially visible on the “E,” “A,” and “N.” Unnecessary from the utilitarian point of view, they conjure up the idea of something as sharp as a bull’s horns and in this way help to create an aggressive, if not menacing, impression.
  • Colors The team’s official palette includes colors (dark blue, red, and white), all of which can be seen on the Houston Texans logo.

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