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Suzuki Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Download PNG Suzuki Logo PNG Suzuki is a famous Japanese car manufacturing company, which was established in 1909 and named after its founder, Michio Suzuki.
  • Meaning and history Suzuki is named after its founder, Michio Suzuki, and its visual identity’s main principles are simplicity and brightness.
  • The Suzuki logo is instantly recognizable across the globe due to its geometrically perfect lines and color palette.
  • The brand invented nothing new, didn’t put any hidden meanings and symbolism in its logo, they just perfectly executed a basic idea.
  • The company was founded in 1909 and used only its name on the logo for the first 50 years of its history.
  • The Emblem The Suzuki emblem features a stylized letter “S” in scarlet red color.
  • 1958 – 1990 The iconic Suzuki emblem was created in 1958 and featured a monochrome palette during the first years.
  • The brand doesn’t use any wordmark in its logo during this period, the emblem works both as a signifier and the company’s symbol.
  • 1990 – Today The wordmark appears on the logo.
  • The brand experimented with the wordmark placement — first, it was put underneath the emblem, then moved to its right, which made the logo look like a horizontal line, with the starting point in the emblem “S”.
  • Finally, the Suzuki wordmark was decided to put back under the emblem, the letters were enlarged and the perfect balance was created.
  • As for the color palette, it has always been red and blue, but the first versions featured a lighter time of blue.
  • The current logo is executed in a scarlet red and a deep classic blue, which represents the stability and professionalism of the company alongside its progressive thinking and movement into the future.
  • The company sometimes uses the three-dimensional silver-tone emblem with the black color of the wordmark for its identity, but it will always be associated with its famous bright original palette, which is a perfect reflection of everything that is important for Suzuki: its heritage, its values, and its aims.

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