Inspiration – St Cloud State Huskies Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

St Cloud State Huskies Logo
  • Cloud State Huskies Logo PNG St.
  • Cloud State University sponsors 18 varsity teams known under the name of St.
  • Cloud State Huskies.
  • Meaning and history Since 2000, the St.
  • Cloud State Huskies logo has remained virtually unchanged, with only a subtle alteration of the palette: the shade of red used on the emblem has grown slightly nobler and more unique.
  • The logo is based on the large “C” given in red with white and black trim.
  • The “C” has an elliptical structure – it is stretched to the sides.
  • The horizontal bar of the “T” is sloped to the right to fit the shape of the “C” glyph, in which the “T” is housed.

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