Inspiration – South Sydney Rabbitohs Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

South Sydney Rabbitohs Logo

South Sydney Rabbitohs logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Yet, their brand identity has remained pretty consistent throughout the last 70 years.
  • The fact that the logo has always featured a rabbit seems perfectly natural for a team nicknamed Rabbits or Bunnies.
  • 1959 — 1988 The first time the running white rabbit was seen on the uniforms was in 1959.
  • The original logo featured a rather plump white rabbit.
  • Above the rabbit, the word “Rabbitoh” in white could be seen, while below it, there was the lettering “Est.
  • The border of the ellipse was now given in a shade of green that was closer to teal.
  • The lettering moved inside the ellipse.
  • While both the old logos featured the name of the club in rather small letters, this one resolved the problem.
  • Here, the words “South Sydney Rabbitohs” were larger, and due to this, better legible.
  • The animal is placed on a gradient red background of the horizontally stretched oval, with a thick green frame.
  • The white “South Sydney” is arched above the rabbit in the uppercase of a classic sans-serif, and the “EST.
  • Colors The rabbit has always been either white or white with a gray gradient.
  • As for the green and red, which has been present on almost all the versions of the logo, there was some playing around with the shades.
  • Also, the South Sydney Rabbitohs logo has often used black as an accent color.

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