Inspiration – South Dakota State Jackrabbits Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

South Dakota State Jackrabbits Logo
  • Download PNG South Dakota State Jackrabbits Logo PNG Meaning and history 1999 – 2007 The creature seen on the South Dakota State Jackrabbits logo is the Jackrabbit, who has been the school’s mascot since at least 1907 and perhaps as early as 1904.
  • Jackrabbit, it has a friendlier look.
  • 2008 – Today Throughout over 110 years of its existence, the mascot has been altered over 100 times, according to the official history of the mascot provided by SDSU.
  • The current set of the university’s athletic logos includes four versions.
  • To begin with, there is the head logo, where the Jackrabbit is facing to the left.
  • It can be used either on its own or together with the wordmark “Jackrabbits” and the university name.
  • Also, there is the full-body version where the creature is running to the right, which can appear with the wordmark.
  • In its current form, the logo is used by all the 19 varsity teams competing at the university, including their football, baseball, and basketball teams, as well as wrestling and softball.
  • Colors The palette of the South Dakota State Jackrabbits logo is dominated by the school’s official colors, blue (PMS 286, #0033A0) and yellow (PMS 109, #FFD100).
  • In addition to them, it also includes darker and grayer yellow and blue hues for the shades as well as white.
  • South Dakota State Jackrabbits Colors SDSU BLUE PANTONE: PMS 286 HEX COLOR: #0033A0; RGB: (0,51,160) CMYK: (100,75,0,0) SDSU YELLOW PANTONE: PMS 109 HEX COLOR: #FFD100; RGB: (255,209,0) CMYK: (0,9,100,0)

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