Inspiration – Sex Pistols Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Sex Pistols Logo
  • Download PNG Sex Pistols Logo PNG Sex Pistols is a legendary British punk-rock band, which was created in 1975 and became leader and inspirer of a punk movement in the U.K.
  • Sex Pistols earned countless music awards during its history and is included in the Grammy Hall of Fame.
  • Meaning and history Malcolm McLaren, the band’s producer, was the one responsible for the Sex Pistols name.
  • He was aiming to create a representation of a young and sexy spirit.
  • Though the band’s frontman, Johnny Rotten, never liked the name much.
  • The Sex Pistols logo is instantly recognizable and became iconic in the rock music sphere.
  • It is composed of a custom ransom-style wordmark, which was created by a renowned British artist, Jamie Reid.
  • The logo first appeared on a famous Reid’s artwork “Anarchy In The UK”, where it is placed on a distressed Union Jack flag.

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