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Sephora Logo

Sephora logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Sephora Logo PNG In beauty industry it is very important to have a logo that sends the right message to customers.
  • Sephora, a chain of stores that offers a wide range of beauty products representing about 300 brands as well as its own label has such a mark.
  • Meaning and history The brand has a relatively long history.
  • It was founded in France in 1969.
  • At first it was owned by one person, then in 1997 the company was purchased by conglomerate LVMH that is also based in Paris.
  • It is easier to grasp the logo meaning when you know the origin of the name “Sephora” which is a hint to what the company deals with.
  • She is described as a woman of exceptional beauty, clever, generous and free.
  • The Flame Symbol The Sephora logo represents the brand’s aesthetic and values, though it does not have any beauty elements at first sight.
  • It incorporates a wordmark which is the brand’s name and a symbol ‒ a white flame in the shape of the letter “S” against a black background.
  • At the same time it also resembles a strand of wavy hair.
  • Whatever the image means, it gives the logo a memorable look.
  • The Sephora logo has some sophistication in it.
  • This color combination adds to the elegancy created by the flame symbol.
  • It also gives the message of professionalism ‒ the company knows how to make and deliver beauty products.

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