Inspiration – Saudi Arabian Airlines Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Saudi Arabian Airlines Logo
  • Download PNG Saudi Arabian Airlines Logo PNG Saudia (Saudi Arabian Airlines) is the national carrier of Saudi Arabia.
  • Meaning and history 1981 You can come across an older Saudi Arabian Airlines logo featuring a muted, grayish shade of green.
  • Next to the word “Saudia,” you could see two crisscrossed scimitars and a date palm tree.
  • 1996 The company changed its name.
  • Now, there was the lettering “Saudi Arabian Airlines” in blue next to the date palm tree and the scimitars, which grew gold.
  • A gold crescent moon was added.
  • 2012 When the company returned to its historic name “Saudia,” it did not change much in the design.
  • Just the wordmark grew shorter and larger.

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