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San Jose State Spartans Logo
  • Download PNG San Jose State Spartans Logo PNG San Jose State Spartans are the collegiate athletic program of the Californian San Jose State University.
  • The program consists of twenty men’s and women’s transcripts which compete in NCAA Division I in a variety of sports disciplines, including Basketball, Baseball, Football, and many more.
  • 1941 The Spartans logo from 1941 was drawn in the same manner and color palette as the previous emblem.
  • The helmet featured a shorter upper part, which made the Spartan look stronger and more dangerous.
  • 1954 On the 1954 version, the Spartan turned to the left.
  • 1962 The 1962 and 1971 logos were more of a caricature.
  • 1971 The redesign of 1971 introduced a funny Spartan caricature as the official logo of the athletic program.
  • 1983 On the 1983 emblem, the angled view of the warrior’s face could be seen.
  • 2006 – Today In 2006 the San Jose Spartans logo was redrawn and minimized.
  • It featured just one element from the previous badge — the abstract head of the warrior, facing to the left and wearing a cool blue, yellow and white helmet with a triangular geometric pattern arched along its circular contour.
  • What are San Jose State Spartans?
  • San Jose State Spartans is the name of the sports program of the university located in San Jose, California.
  • The program is best known for its men’s football and basketball clubs, though it has 18 more men’s and women’s teams in such sports disciplines as Soccer, Water Polo, Tennis, and others.
  • San Jose State Spartans Colors BLUE PANTONE: PMS 300 C HEX COLOR: #0055A2; RGB: (0, 85, 162) CMYK: (100, 43, 0, 5) GOLD PANTONE: PMS 124 C HEX COLOR: #E5A823; RGB: (229, 168, 35) CMYK: (10, 35, 100, 0) GRAY PANTONE: PMS 422 C HEX COLOR: #939597; RGB: (147, 149, 151) CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 55)

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