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Sacramento River Cats Logo

Sacramento River Cats logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Sacramento River Cats Logo PNG While the team was established in 1978 as the Vancouver Canadians, it moved to California in 2000, where it received its current name.
  • Part of the Pacific Coast League, the River Cats have been the Triple-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants since 2015.
  • Meaning and history Although the logo of minor league baseball team the Sacramento River Cats has gone through a redesign at least once in its history, it has preserved its mood, style, and the central character, a large grey cat with a ferocious glare and long sharp claws.
  • 2000 — 2006 The first Sacramento River Cats logo featured the team’s cat mascot with a baseball in its paw.
  • There was the famous Tower Bridge on the background.
  • 2007 — Today While in 2007 the team introduced a completely different logo, we can’t say that they made any notable changes in their brand identity itself.
  • The main focal point is still the same grumpy cat that could be seen on the previous Sacramento River Cats logo; he has just lifted its paws a little.
  • The muzzle and its expression, as well as the color scheme, remained the same.
  • The only notable update is probably that the logo now looks more monolithic as the text has moved down and is now given in a different type.
  • Colors The reason why neither the style nor the color scheme has been updated could be that the merchandise has been relatively successful, from the commercial point of view.
  • It can always bee seen on the list of 25 minor league clubs from the point of view of merchandise sales.

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