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Royal Crown Cola Logo

Royal Crown Cola logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Royal Crown Cola Logo PNG Royal Crown Cola Logo History The visual identity of Royal Crown has had several redesigns throughout the brand’s history, which had two main periods — the beginning of the company, which started in 1905, and the second, RC Cola period, from 1989 until today.
  • 1905 — 1930 The very first logo, created for Royal Crown Cola, was introduced in 1905 and fea-tured a rectangular badge, horizontally divided into red and yellow parts, with a black square in the middle.
  • It was written in a bolder and sharper sans-serif, in red.
  • 1930 — 1970 In 1939 the logo was redrawn.
  • Now it was a white inscription with a delicate white emblem, placed inside a solid red rhombus, which was slightly horizontally stretched.
  • 1970 — 1989 The new logo was designed in 1970 and boasted a completely different style.
  • This badge became a basis for all the following emblems.
  • Two bold and sleek “RC” let-ters in scarlet-red were placed inside a thick blue oval frame and had a delicate sans-serif “Royal Crown Cola” inscription in all capitals above it.
  • 1989 — 1998 The brand was renamed to RC Cola in 1989, and the new logo was introduced in the same year.
  • It was a custom “RC” lettering in a sharp and modern font, executed in bright red color with a distinct white outline.
  • The lettering was underlined by a thick red element and placed on a blue background.
  • The most patriotic American color combination worked as an eye-catcher.
  • 1998 — 2009 The redesign of 1998 made the “RC” wordmark sharper and more modern.
  • The “Co-la” tagline was again added to the logo, but now it was written in a bold lowercase sans-serif.

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