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R O C S Logo

R.O.C.S. logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Logo PNG R.O.C.S.
  • Today R.O.C.S.
  • toothpaste is being sold in over 50 European and Asian countries.
  • Meaning and history The R.O.C.S.
  • The dental care brand’s logo is composed of a graphical logotype, which uses different patterns, depending on the product line.
  • Each letter is formed by many small pieces, which resemble little stones or molecules and have different color palettes in different brand’s categories.
  • visual identity varies from package to package — it can be white on purple or blue on white, as well as light blue with sparkles placed on a black background.
  • But the main brand’s logo is composed of a wordmark executed in several shades of blue and gray, where the small squares form letters like a stained-glass window.
  • Review R.O.C.S.
  • is the company, that manufactures the full range of dental care products of the highest quality.
  • And each line has several age group divisions inside.
  • The company produces over a hundred different kinds of toothpaste, so everyone can find a suitable product.
  • Besides toothpaste, the company produces toothbrushes and mouthwashes, alongside dental flosses and gum gels.
  • main principles are quality, effectiveness, and safety, which are perfectly reflected in the brand’s visual identity, it is packaging, and, of course, the products themselves.

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