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Quality Inn Logo

Quality Inn logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Quality Inn Logo PNG Quality Inn is a midscale hotel brand owned by Choice Hotels International, Inc., a hospitality franchisor based in Rockville, Maryland, US.
  • Initially, it was a nonprofit referral chain of motels in Florida, which consisted of less than ten motels.
  • 1955 (Quality Courts) The logo of this era featured the lettering “Quality Courts” in red inside a yellow circle with multiple triangles, which represented the sun.
  • The emblem was often used as a roadside sign.
  • Once again, they used the sun as the base of the emblem and placed the arched word “Quality” inside.
  • The letters were gold, while the background was black.
  • Although the large circle disappeared, the “sun and the ocean” were still there.
  • 1987 The sun became explicit, which made the designers change the proportions of the emblem.
  • 2002 Once again, the authors of the logo decided to use the resemblance of the letter “Q” and the sun.
  • This time, they placed a large “Q” above the full name of the brand but cropped the glyph to make the “tail-wave” more pronounced.
  • The palette combining gold (the sun) and teal (the ocean) supported the resort theme.
  • 2015 The lettering “By Choice Hotels” in a plain type was added below the Quality Inn logo.
  • 2019 The “Q” adopted a nobler shade making it look as if it had been made of gold.
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