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Premier League Logo

Premier League logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Premier League Logo PNG The lion iconography was present in the Premier League logo ever since it was created in 1992.
  • Yet, it was not the same lion as in the current version.
  • The animal featured in the current emblem looks more 3D.
  • Meaning and history The Premier League visual identity has had two major redesigns held throughout the league’s existence, and all of the emblems featured different styles and moods but were built around one symbol — a lion, the animal, standing for power, courage, and strength.
  • 1992 — 2007 The logo, created for Premier League in 1992, boasted a blue heraldic lion with a red and white football under its paw, placed on a horizontally strengthen green banner in double green and white outline.
  • The blue lion has a red crown with four peaked and four dots above them on its head, and the white wordmark in all capitals was written on the green background, which stood for the field.
  • 2007 — 2016 In 2007 the logo was redrawn, keeping the blue lion with a red and white football as the main theme.
  • The wordmark was now placed directly under the graphical part of the logo, without any framing, and featured blue color of the capital letters, executed in a modern and sleek typeface with diagonal cuts of the letters and slightly pointed tails.
  • 2016 — Today The current design of the Premier League logo was introduced in 2016 and is a shortened and simplified version of the previous badge.
  • The emblem, executed in purple and white, boasts a stylized head of the lion in a crown, placed on the left from the wordmark, which is set in two levels.
  • The inscription in a title-case is executed in a rounded sans-serif typeface with traditional slightly extended shapes and straight cuts of the letter-lines.
  • Though this is the first logo without a white and red football on it, it still keeps the original style and mood, showing the strong connection to the roots.
  • Font The typeface could be a bit more unique, but in any case, it looks simple and modern.
  • Color Dark purple and white color combination is a standard, yet an inverted red outline version may be used for darker backgrounds.

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