Inspiration – Perfect Money Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Perfect Money Logo
  • Download PNG Perfect Money Logo PNG Perfect Money is an electronic payment system processing non-cash payments on the Internet.
  • It was created not so long ago, in 2007.
  • The headquarters and operational service centres of the corporation are located in Zurich and Hong Kong.
  • Meaning and history The logo of the Perfect Money Corporation was developed in 2007 and has not been changed since then.
  • It is rather concise and consists just of the name of the system in scarlet red colour and is written in a special corporate script apparently developed on the basis of the commercial font Palatino Pro Medium.
  • The graphics of the capital “P” is changed and the curved line forming the upper part of the letter is extended till the vertical line and bypasses it a bit giving the impression of forward motion.
  • Under the wordmark, there is a black inscription “just perfect” of a smaller size.
  • This tiny line is written in Gardner Sans Medium font and fits exactly under the word “Money”.
  • On the Internet site of the payment system sometimes a second version of the logo is used.
  • It is even more concise than the main one and constitutes simply a circle of the corporate purple colour, edged with a narrow yellow stripe.
  • Inside the circle, there are two capital letters “PM”.
  • The developers of Perfect Money were tasked with a large-scale goal, to combine all the best qualities of the predecessors of the payment system in their product.
  • The fact that the service after ten years has been able to become popular and demanded demonstrates that they have fulfilled their task.
  • According to Perfect Money officials, this is the main meaning of the system’s logo.

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