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Paramount Animation Logo

Paramount Animation logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Paramount Animation Logo PNG One of the most influential animation studios in the US, Paramount Animation was established in the summer of 2011.
  • It is the animation division of Paramount Pictures.
  • Meaning and history The first four features released by the studio did not have a separate logo but used the one of Paramount Pictures.
  • 2011 2011 – 2019 The original Paramount Animation logo looks pretty much like that of its parent company.
  • There is a mountain peak with the word “Paramount” above.
  • The structure (mountain plus the wordmark plus the stars) is almost as old – it was first used in 1914.
  • What makes the design different from the visual brand identity of the parent company is the word “Animation,” which appears below the mountain.
  • Its most characteristic feature is the character named Star Skipper.
  • Another important update is the new type used for the word “Animation.” Similar to that used in the name of the parent company, it was also inspired by handwriting.
  • Yet, it has a by far more modern, playful style.
  • The Star Skipper has an interesting history.
  • When film producer Mireille Soria was hired as the division’s president, she was set the goal to make a new logo.
  • According to Soria, it “captures the magic” of their brand.
  • The Star Skipper was designed by Christopher Zibach and animated by ATK PLN and Reel FX Creative Studios.

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