Inspiration – Pandora Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Pandora Logo

Pandora logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • The Danish company started its history as a family-run jewelry shop in 1982.
  • Pandora logo is an immediately recognizable wordmark.
  • Its most distinctive feature is an elegant crown over the “O” character.
  • The crown reminds of the fact that Pandora offers a universe of high quality, genuine jewelry supposed to make its owner stand out in the crowd.
  • Meaning and history 1982 – 2019 2019 – Today Icon After the latest redesign, Pandora started using a very special and tender color, powder pink.
  • The new version of the Pandora Icon also has changed and now it does not have any line under the crown symbol.
  • How to determine the originality of Pandora jewelry?
  • The letter “O” became the new monogram of the brand.
  • The updated visual identity is designed to convey a fresh and modern tone, and the pink color became a new recognizable element in the points of sale.​​ Font and color The name of the company is given in a perfectly legible sans serif typeface.
  • All the letters are capitalized.
  • The type bearing the name “Pandora” looks rather weird, if not eerie.
  • Hardly a surprise, taking into consideration that American Horror Story is cited as its inspiration.
  • The Pandora logo font is different.
  • The wordmark is built around a simple black-and-white color scheme, emphasizing the elegance and refinement of the Pandora jewelry.

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