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Oklahoma City Thunder Logo

Oklahoma City Thunder logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Oklahoma City Thunder Logo PNG The basketball team Oklahoma City Thunder has existed under its current name for about a decade, and it has had only one logo so far.
  • 1967 — 1970 The initial emblem for the Oklahoma City Thunder club was designed in 1967 when the team’s name was Seattle SuperSonics.
  • It was a cool and modern badge in a green and white color palette, with the green basketball having a stylized green orbit around it.
  • The lettering in a thin italicized Sans-serif was set on the right from the ball.
  • 1970 — 1971 The redesign of 1970 kept only the green ball and placed a white wordmark on it.
  • 1971 — 1975 In 1971, the shuttle and space needle disappeared from the Oklahoma City Thunder logo leaving only the green basketball with the old name of the team written across it.
  • 1975 — 1995 In 1975 the badge changed its concept and gained a new color into its palette — yellow.
  • The yellow background and green stitches of the ball were accompanied by a green landscape of Seattle.
  • 1995 — 2001 The color palette of the emblem was switched to green and brown in 1995.
  • The “Seattle” part of the inscription was written in delicate white letters over the green background.
  • A green crest had a yellow basketball placed on its bottom part and a white and yellow inscription above it.
  • First, Oklahoma City is located in Tornado Alley.
  • Font The word “Thunder” on the Oklahoma City Thunder logo is given in the team’s official font, Industria Bold.
  • Color The colors of the official palette have the following names and values: Thunder Blue (PMS 285), Sunset (PMS Warm Red C), yellow (PMS 1235), and Thunder Navy (PMS 282).

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