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Obey Logo

Obey logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Obey Logo PNG While clothes with Obey logo emblazoned on them are extremely popular, many people don’t even realize it has a deeper meaning and an illustrious history behind it.
  • Meaning and history Technically speaking, OBEY Clothing was established in 2001.
  • Aligned with his opinion on political and social tendencies of his time, the clothing line became just another way of spreading his message all around the world.
  • Back in 1989, Shepard Fairey, Rhode Island School of Design student, created an absurd silk-screened sticker, which he called Andre the Giant Has a Posse.
  • His most popular role was Fezzik in the movie The Princess Bride released in 1987.
  • Having created the sticker, Shepard Fairey started a street campaign aimed at reproducing the image as many times and in as many places as possible.
  • Later, his friends joined him.
  • Today, Fairey often publishes an explanation of his message in publications like skateboard and music magazines read mostly by people between 15 and 25.
  • Alternative emblems The original Obey logo features the central part of André’s face placed in a square.
  • Below, you can see the word “obey” in white over the red background.
  • The giant’s face can also be given inside a star.
  • In one more version of the star logo, the emblem is placed inside a red circle with a bold outline.
  • The wordmark is often used as a standalone logo, too.
  • Colors The basic combination of black and white, which is present on all the versions of the logo, is often complemented by red.

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